Dual Tunnel Diverter Valve

Techno design's dual tunnel type diverter valves are designed to solve the purpose of routing powders and pellets in pneumatic conveying systems. We design dual tunnel diverter valves for minimum degradation of the material. The diverter valves are immensely useful in the pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, and food manufacturing industries, along with others.

The diverters are known so as they divert solids flowing in a dense phase and those flowing in a lean phase to multiple different destinations. The minerals industry, the agricultural sector and other solids handling systems also require these dual tunnel diverters.

We are a leading Dual Tunnel Diverter Valve manufacturer who delivers these valves either custom-made for specific demands, or according to the set industry demands when no particular specification is needed.

Dual tunnel diverter valves are generally manufactured with aluminum housing and contain a plug and two pipes generally.


Dual Tunnel Diverter valves are used in pneumatic transport of powder and granular material to divert solids flowing in dense phase as well as lean phase into multiple destinations. They are used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral, plastics and other solids handling system

Salient Features:

  • Plug with two separate channels
  • Full Aluminium body with Stainless Steel pipe inserts
  • Diverting angle of 40°
  • Position indicator Packaged with dual solenoid, limit switches and proximity switches
  • Powerful pneumatic cylinder with linear actuation connected to plug via linkages
  • Sealing using silicon rubber
  • Max working temperature of 120°C and Max system pressure of 6 bar g
  • Minimum maintenance

A 65 80 102 125
B 18 18 18 22
C 8 NOS. 8 NOS. 8 NOS. 8 NOS.
D 165 165 190.5 216
E 560 560 770 800
F 247 250 295 360
G 668 670 750 910
H 480 480 601 730
I 227 238 310 374
J 38° 38° 40° 40°

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